Venice Airport Festival Grounds A Finger Lickin' & Hot Pickin' Good Time! Free Parking / Free Admisssion!

A Finger Lickin' & Hot Pickin' Good Time!
Venice Airport Festival Grounds
Free Parking/Free Admission!

APRIL 20 & 21, 2018

Fri 5pm-9pm | Sat 10am-6pm

Thank you for your interest in the 8th Annual Suncoast BBQ & Bluegrass BASH BBQ Contest. As the largest event of its kind in Southwest Florida and quickly rising noterity in the competitive BBQ world, you'll be competing with some of the world's best pitmasters. We anticipate over 25,000 folks at this year's Bash, featuring finger lickin' good BBQ, Hot pickin' bluegrass music and good times!


Please note that this is a Florida BBQ Associantion sanctioned event, therefore all FBA rules will be in effect for all participants. Complete Rules & Regulations are available at


Turn-In Times

Chicken 11:00am
Ribs 12:00pm
Pork 1:00pm
Brisket 2:00pm

Cash Awards

Supported By Smithfield Smokin


Grand Champion $2500
Reserve Champion $2000
3rd Place $1500
4th Place $1000
5th Place $500
6th - 10th Place $300

*Custom Awards For Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and Category Winners.


Per Category

1st Place $500
2nd Place $450
3rd Place $400
4th Place $350
5th Place $300
6th Place $250
7th Place $200
8th Place $150
9th Place $100
10th Place $50

Contest Information

  1. Set-up times: Thursday, 10am - 5pm / Friday 8am-4pm - NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. There will be a mandatory Cooks meeting on Friday, April 14th at 5:00 pm. Meat inspections will begin at noon on April 14, 2016.
  3. Pets are not allowed in cooking areas or in public areas during event hours.
  4. Ice will be available for purchase.
  5. Water and electricity service (20 amp) will be available to the first 50 teams. Please be advised that if you require more than 20 amps of power it is your responsibility to provide it.
  6. Quiet time is in effect from 11:00 pm until 6:00 am daily. Failure to comply may cause removal from contest site.
  7. 5 lb. minimum Fire Extinguishers are required.
  8. No motorized cycles, golf carts or ATV’s allowed except by event offcials.
  9. Teams are Prohibited from offering free samples to event patrons without authorization
  10. No teams may vend without written permission.
  11. 25'(W)x50'(D) ft. space (1 space per team) is provided. Advance notice of exceptions is required. Tents that exceed 200 sq ft require a city permit.
  12. Garbage pick-up will be provided
  13. 2 Fish Fry Dinner tickets
  14. Free country breakfast

For Details Contact Don Fisher 941-809-5232

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place on the main stage at 5pm on Saturday. Grand Champion will receive a golden ticket to the World Championship and an invitation to Sonny's Smokin' Showdown, plus qualify for the Jack Daniels World Invitation BBQ Championship and the American Royal World Series of BBQ. You must participate in all four categories to be eligible for Grand/Reserve Champion Awards.

Pig In The Tree

The Grand Champion will join the past winners on the plaque of this permanently displayed trophy.

Vending Opportunity

With an anticipated attendance of over 25,000, The Bash offers a great opportunity to a limited number of BBQ vendors. These vendors will be at the sole discrimination of the organizer.
Only BBQ and side dishes may be sold. No beverages or ancillary products without permission
Please submit a request for consideration.
Vending Fee: $350
Vending Hours:
Friday: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 5 pm
All sales to the general public will be for cash. You keep all your proceeds. All Sales to the sponsors are for Bash Bucks. They will be redeemed for $0.80 on the dollar. Refusal to accept Bash Bucks will result in immediate removal from the event and render ineligible for any awards.


The Suncoast BBQ Bash is a family oriented community event and all teams areas must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste with the best interest of the event and public saftey. The Event organizers shall be the sole arbiter and final judge as to what shall constitue "good taste", "safety" and "The best interest of the event and the pubic" and shall have the authority to require removal, relocation or modification on any display or exhibit. Carnical tatics, the use of public address systems, signage on public walkways or other similar activities by the teams shall not be allowed.
The event will have security on site Friday and Saturday including all event hours and overnight on Friday.
The event recognizes that some teams may have sponsors. In consideration of the Bash sponsors, teams are permitted to display one sign or banner recognizing your team sponsor. This sign or banner shall be no larger than 3' x 6' and not higher than 8' off the ground.


In consideration for accepting this entry, we agree to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators waive any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the Suncoast Foundation for Handicapped Children, Inc., their representatives, successors, and assigns for any and all injuries by any and all injuries suffered by any person(s) or property. Further, I hereby grant full permission to the event organizers and/or other agents authorized by them to use photographs, video tapes, recordings, or other records of this event for legitimate reasons.

Need a place to stay?

We have arranged discounted rates at area hotels when you use the code word "BBQ" while making your reservations. Please visit the Lodging page to learn more.

Registration Form

Due to A limited BBQ Team sites left available,
please call 941-809-5232

Contest Schedule


10am - 5pm - Set Up


8am - 4pm - Set Up
12pm - 4pm - Meat Inspection
5pm - Mandatory Cook Team Meeting
6pm - Fish Fry Dinner


11am - Chicken turn in
12pm - Ribs turn in
1pm - Pork turn in
2pm - Brisket turn in
5pm - Awards

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We're located in Venice, FL at the Venice Municiplal Airport festival grounds

Venice Airport
610 Airport Ave E.
Venice, FL 34285

Parking Guide

Because of single-road access to the parking areas there is a limit on the number of cars an hour that can make it in and out of the parking area.

ENTERING – During peak hours there will be three lanes to enter the parking at the gate. Please stay in designated lanes and follow instructions from our parking attendants. Remember there is shuttle service to the entrance gates.

EXITING – Follow the marked driveways. Do not cut across for there is numerous soft sand areas.