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Venice Airport Festival Grounds 10th Anniversary Celebration! Free Parking / Free Admisssion!

10th Anniversary Celebration
Venice Airport Festival Grounds
Free Parking/Free Admission!

MARCH 29 & 30, 2019

Fri 5pm-9pm | Sat 10am-6pm

BBQ Judges

2018 BBQ Judges

Confirmed Judges

First Last
Bob Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Neil Bass
Laura Benson
Tony Beroney
Max Bloom
Paul Chapman
Mary Chapman
Robert Ciesinski
Richard Clark
Vince Collier
Larry Conner
Harvey Cormier
Gayle Dimaggio
Rick Dimaggio
Russ Frank
James Frazee Jr
T Michael Garrison
gordon gilbert
Keith Harris
deborah huntley
George Kendall
Craig Kinsman
Roger Kirkland
Jeff Kirkland
Ron Lerigo
Diane Lerigo
Luke Marquis
Jane Martin
Brian Meskil
Lou Nargi
Pete Odom
Keith Oster
Monica Oster
Larry Prohs
David Pruskauer
Melea Pruskauer
Robert Sakoff
Mary Sakoff
Julian Van Scott
Nancy Signorino
Kimberly Snyder
Judy Stockman
Dave Stockman
Tom Walrath
Karen Walrath
Ava Waltz
Hunter Wynne
William Wynne

Standby Judges

First Last
Russ Allen
Chad Allison
Dave Barnett
Jim Bowe
Bob Bowman
Dennis Bowman
Theresa Bowman
Clifford Burke
Marc Ciolino
Paulette Disinger
Ken Edwards
Terri Ellis
Charlie Galvano
Joshua Gimeson
Carmen Gimeson
Louis Goldman
Dave Grabow
Terri Harden
Trey Harden
Maury Jayson
Cullen Logan
William Marks
Jane Martin
Erik Nyren
Vladimir Paje
Dwight Parker
Lori Ann Parker
Jon Pearson
Lorna & Matt Pierce
Derek Pyle
John Rinehart
Marty Roberts
Will Rosenbaum
Tom Scattoloni
Michael Scott
Brent Sehnert
Trent Sehnert
Kenneth Shiflett
James Smith
Randy Stewart
Jason Stice
Judy Stockman
Dave Stockman
Jimmie Vaughan
Kathleen Weber
Phylis Welch
Bart and Tracy Welsh
Matthew Woodall
Deborah Worsham

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We're located in Venice, FL at the Venice Municiplal Airport festival grounds

Venice Airport
610 Airport Ave E.
Venice, FL 34285

Parking Guide

Because of single-road access to the parking areas, the number of cars that can enter and egress in an hour is limited.

ENTERING – During peak hours, three lanes will enter the parking at the gate. Please stay in designated lanes and follow instructions from the parking attendants. A shuttle service to the entrance gates is available.

EXITING – Follow the marked driveways. Do not cut across for there is numerous soft sand areas.