Venice Airport Festival Grounds 10th Anniversary Celebration! Free Parking / Free Admisssion!

10th Anniversary Celebration
Venice Airport Festival Grounds
Free Parking/Free Admission!

MARCH 29 & 30, 2019

Fri 5pm-9pm | Sat 10am-6pm

Old Town Saloon

Featuring an array of Craft Beers And Fun Cocktails

Old Town Saloon

Craft Beer comes from small indepedent brewers and the flavors are often derived from traditional and innovative brewing ingredients and their frementation process. The Saloon will feature Goose Island and Big Storm Brewers. Stop by and enjoy some of these tasty and refreshing beers. The Saloon is located by the Chili Contest area and will be open Friday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday 11am - 6pm

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We're located in Venice, FL at the Venice Municiplal Airport festival grounds

Venice Airport
610 Airport Ave E.
Venice, FL 34285

Parking Guide

Because of single-road access to the parking areas, the number of cars that can enter and egress in an hour is limited.

ENTERING – During peak hours, three lanes will enter the parking at the gate. Please stay in designated lanes and follow instructions from the parking attendants. A shuttle service to the entrance gates is available.

EXITING – Follow the marked driveways. Do not cut across for there is numerous soft sand areas.